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Our Favorite Ways to Spend the Fourth

The Fourth of July calls for fireworks and celebrating... here's our top 5 ways to have the ultimate holiday weekend!

Photos: Russell Heeter

Even if your town isn’t planning one, travel to one nearby. Attending a 4th of July parade is the perfect way to boost your American pride and the kids will love it, too. We suggest arriving early and doing a little research on the route they’ll be taking so you can scope out the best spot to set up chairs or a blanket. A cooler full of beverages may be appreciated if you plan on staying for a couple of hours.

*Side note: If your town is hosting a parade and you have plans that require driving around, make sure to plan accordingly for closed roads and traffic.


If you haven’t quite figured out what you’ll be doing this Independence Day, a great way to get your friends and neighbors together is by hosting a cookout. Hosting a backyard BBQ doesn’t have to be stressful; don’t get consumed by decorations and over-the-top Pinterest treats. Let your goal be to enjoy the company of friends, while everything else is just a bonus. If there are people on your guest list offering to help, don’t be afraid to accept it. When the RSVP’s start rolling in and your guests ask what they can bring along, you will be thankful for the extra hands. Nothing relieves the stress of hosting a group of people like a little outside help with food and beverages.


The best way to avoid the stress that comes with any holiday is to plan a getaway, even if it’s just for the day! Whether you plan on camping, or spending the day by the water, there’s nothing quite like getting outside and enjoying some good ol’ American nature!

In order to avoid holiday traffic, we suggest that you pack the night before in order to get a head start in the morning and beat the build up. Regardless of the length of your travels, you’ll want to prepare plenty of food and drinks, and bring sunblock with a solid SPF. If you plan on bringing kids along, make sure to get some music and games together to ensure they enjoy the trip as much as you.


It’s nearly impossible to imagine the 4th of July without thinking of fireworks and sparklers. There are plenty of cities across the U.S. that plan their own shows for the occasion, the biggest being the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular. If you’ve never taken the time to go to a show, we highly suggest it. These firework displays have developed into something of an art, and there is something to be said for the months of extravagant planning that goes into them each year.

Even if you can’t get to a local site, the Fireworks Spectacular airs live on NBC every year so you can watch the show from the comfort of your own home. You can also check out your local news station to see if they are airing a show nearby.


If you’re tired of attending the same BBQ each year and want to switch it up, check out what concerts or festivals are happening nearby and buy some tickets. It’s not always easy breaking from a holiday tradition, but having solid plans that include purchasing tickets is a great excuse that’s hard to argue with. Not only are events like these a great way to get the kids out of the house, but if you attend a concert on the 4th, the performer is likely to make a special tribute to honor the occasion.

With any holiday event, it’s important to think ahead and plan accordingly if you plan on leaving your house. While going to an event or heading out for a beach day can be just what you need on your day off, you’re going to want to plan around holiday traffic to avoid adding stress to your day. That being said, you don’t have to plan anything crazy to make the day fun! Many times, the best holidays are spent obligation-free so you can just relax and enjoy the time with your family.

July 06, 2017 by Mainstream Boutique

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