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Fashion a Life You Love in Five Steps


What is your craziest, wildest, most outlandish dream? A year from now, imagine you’re sitting in an adorable coffee shop just off Main Street, filled with vintage furniture and oversized couches, sipping a vanilla latte, and listening to the energetic chatter all around you. Then imagine that you’re the owner of this adorable coffee shop. Maybe that’s not your dream. Maybe you lust after the thought of moving to a farm and raising alpacas. Or opening your own salon. Or being a stay-at-home-mom. Whatever it is you dream about, Stefanie Peters would be there, cheering you on.


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After all, she’s been on the other side of the table and knows how it feels to be dream-shamed.

Excited to have landed a meeting with a successful advertising executive in the Twin Cities, Stefanie openly shared her dream of running her own business. Not someday down the road, but now…today. At only 18 years old, she was ready to get started. She saw herself already working toward her dream of empowering women on a large scale.

“This gentleman laughed in my face,” she remembers. “He grabbed his coffee and walked out of our meeting. But not before leaning down in my face and telling me to go get a real job.”

Since then, Stefanie, now 27, has written a book, become the youngest female executive in one of the fastest-growing companies in North America, and co-founded Lady Boss Empire, an empowerment platform and resource center for female entrepreneurs.


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She put together five bite-sized steps for women who want to create a life they totally love.




Stefanie is big on vision. In fact, every January she hosts a Vision Board Party with other women entrepreneurs. She encourages them to choose one word or theme to focus on. This year, she’s putting her efforts on the word impact.

“It’s not about asking yourself, ‘What am I supposed to do?’” Stefanie says. “Rather, it’s about listening to your heart. When you lay your head on your pillow at night, are you fulfilled? That’s the question to ask.”




Stefanie crushes her doubts every morning with a bulletproof routine.

At 5 a.m., her alarm goes off. She doesn’t hit snooze. Instead, she gently wakes up and says her daily affirmations. Statements like, “I am aligned with the energy of abundance,” and “Today I feel healthy and strong.” She suggests creating a list of 10 affirmations that you can say in the morning and throughout the day. Next, she spends time meditating and reading Jesus Calling, which rests on her coffee table.

Before leaving for her morning workout, she whips up a protein and spinach smoothie.

Her routine has become ritual and leaves no time for doubts. To implement your own bulletproof morning routine, Stefanie suggests waking up 30 minutes earlier, making time to read or do something creative and stretching or moving your body.


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This is where the magic happens. And the hard work. In her book, Unleash Your Lady Boss, Stefanie includes a power plan; a spot for you to put goals in place. Here’s how it works:

  • Create three goals for each area in your life. You’ll have 30 goals total.
  • Highlight 10. Those are your goals for the year.
  • Of those 10, circle three. Those are your banner goals; three areas of focus that are extremely important to you. This is where you’ll devote much of your time.

Stefanie lives by three words when she’s setting and reviewing her goals: plan, do, review.

“We think we need to have all the answers and our life path should feel completely right. That couldn’t be further from the truth. God will continue leading us, each step of the way,” says Stefanie. “He qualifies the called, he doesn’t call the qualified.”

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Stefanie spends three hours a week on each one of her banner goals. She chops her time into 45-minute segments. Another idea we love is the Pomodoro Technique (link to: http://cirillocompany.de/pages/pomodoro-technique). There are five steps:

  • Choose a task to be accomplished
  • Set the Pomodoro timer (or any timer) to 25 minutes
  • Work on the task until the Pomodoro rings, then put a check on a sheet of paper
  • Take a short (3-5 minutes) break
  • Once you’ve reached four checks, take a longer (15-30 minutes) break

 Techniques like setting timers and taking breaks eliminates what Stefanie coins the ‘shiny object syndrome.’ By ignoring distractions (we’re talking you, pile of laundry!) you’re able to boost productivity.




Surround yourself with positive people, starting with a clued-up mentor.

“Look for someone who can help you propel your vision,” Stefanie says. “But it has to be a win-win. Find a way to add value to their life too.”

Maybe that means you buy the coffee (at your rockin’ coffee shop). Or bring a bundle of alpaca wool from your awesome farm. And remember to pay it forward. When you’re ready, offer to mentor a fellow entrepreneur, hoping to make it big on her own alpaca farm.

Images by Tiffany Lynn Photography

March 15, 2017 by Mainstream Boutique

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