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Do it Yourself: Five Fun Projects to Take on This Week


Is that the most wonderful time of the year we smell in the air, or just the 17 spruce candles sparkling around the house?! Either way, it’s magical and we love it.

Although our homes are already filled with all things merry and bright, there’s always room for one more inspired wreath or centerpiece, right? We pulled together some DIY projects, starting with this stunning (and surprisingly easy!) wreath.



What we need:

  • Willow branches or Embroidery hoop 
  • Evergreen boughs
  • Seedy greens (fresh herbs, like sage and thyme, work well too!)
  • Berries
  • Clipper
  • Bind wire
  • Floral adhesive or glue

Getting Started:

  1. Start by shaping your wreath to the desired size by binding multiple pieces together until they form a circle. Bind the branches together in a variety of places.
  2. Choose the broadest greens (we used the Douglas Fir) and glue to the branches. Let it dry for a few minutes.
  3. Slowly glue and/or weave in the remaining greens. We used Seeded Eucalyptus, Port Offord Cedar and Olive.
  4. Finish by gluing and/or weaving the softest of your ingredients, like Pepperberry. Instant holly and jolly!


Festive Centerpiece

What we need:

  • Vase/container
  • Liner (if vessel is not waterproof)
  • Wet floral foam
  • Clippers
  • Fresh flowers

How to make it beautiful:

1. Soak the foam in water.
2. Clean your fresh stems by removing thorns. Lay them on the table in formation of texture, beginning with the broadest.
3. Cut and place floral foam into the liner (if you’re using one) so there’s about a half-inch left above the top of the vessel.
4. Now comes the fun part! Create the frame for your design by adding in your broadest element. We used Magnolia Leaves. We placed leaves around the frame and also added one in the middle to set the height.
5. Use the next-largest floral element you have. Think in numbers of three or five when you’re inserting them into the foam.
6. Once you’re down to the daintiest element, like burgundy Astilbe (that’s what we used), use it to fill in any gaps to finish off your natural shape.
7. Not every element will be the same level, but that creates interest and depth.
8. Make sure to cover up the wet foam by using small stems or florals.


Here are a few more DIY projects we’re smitten with:

Cute and simple, these tiny wreaths are perfect for a holiday dinner party.

These evergreen stars are adorable, and so simple to make. This would be a fun project for kids, too! 

A tree branch tree. Not to be mistaken with a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. To add even more character, try making your own ornaments too.


December 20, 2016 by Mainstream Boutique

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