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Wait! Don't Toss that!  

We have more access to the latest trends than ever and, with higher disposable income levels, we can refresh and replace our wardrobes more often than previous generations. With busy lifestyles and no time to mend, most of us contribute to the growing issue of textile waste. 


While there are some innovative companies committed to textile recycling, it’s still a new approach that hasn’t reached peak efficiency, meaning recycled clothing is available but not yet at price points that are attractive for the majority of shoppers. And even though many of us make our seasonal trek to Goodwill with bags of clothing, Americans throw away 13 million tons of unwanted clothing meaning most of us harbor some guilt around our obsession with having the latest trends.


This earth day, we encourage you to lower the amount of waste Americans toss in old clothing by taking three easy steps to reducing waste:



1.  Donate clothes you don't wear. 

Chances are, even if you don’t wear an item of clothing, it still has some life left. Instead of tossing it out, consider donating used clothing to places like Goodwill or Dress for Success.


 2.  Give old clothes a new purpose.

Consider a wardrobe DIY. Distressed denim and patch work are hot this season and an easy way to upgrade your wardrobe by reusing fabric from old clothing or making an old pair of jeans look trendy.


3.  One person's trash...

That sweater you’re tired of wearing just might be appealing to a friend! Grab some girlfriends and host a clothing swapping event! It’s a quick way to incorporate some fresh pieces in your wardrobe and doing your part for the planet while enjoying the company of good friends.



April 20, 2018 by Mainstream Boutique


Elle Vincci

Elle Vincci said:

I would love to work for an amazing company such as yours. I love the fact your cutting edge,
environmentally aware, and promote recycling & donating clothing. I’ve always loved everything about fashion! I’m up to date on the latest trends, have retail & customer service, and sales experience. Pairing couture with the perfect accessories and seeing the look on a customers face when they’ve revealed & look at thee selves “Oh WOW! I didn’t know I could look like this!” There’s nothing more enjoyable & rewarding then to make a person feel absolutely. Because when you look good you feel good! I’m a team worker, focused & can multitask several different things at one time while still keeping my composure. I think I would be a great asset to your company and look forward to hearing from you! Thank you, and have a truly lovely day!

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