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Fall Trend Guide 2019 

Summer’s end brings a silver lining: Fall Fashion! We’re so excited to share the freshest cooler weather trends ready now! 



All Things Animal


Leopard spots paved the way for the animal print comeback and this year we take it to a whole new level with python prints and zebra stripes.


Dark Romance

This fall, floral gets even more sophisticated with moody hues and hints of satin and lace.


Suit Up

Display your powerful side in blazers and top coats. Try our unexpected twist on the classic suit with this reinvented silhouette. Take these wherever your agenda calls this season.


Fall’s Favorite is Brand New

Plaids, tweeds, herringbone prints are a perennial fall favorite. We’re giving these classic patterns a modern spin this season with capes, puffer coats, pants and more.


Puffer Coats

Comfortable and practical, you can count on this third layer to make your look fresh and on trend, even when you’re on the run.


Casual Camo

Camo is back and more versatile than ever in 2019, showing up everywhere from staple denim to chic accessories. Pair this print with sneakers or heels—anything goes!


Pleats Please!

Add a feminine flare to any outfit with a pleated detail! The movement of this timeless texture is sure to add a whimsical effect to your wardrobe.



Visit your local Mainstream to shop our new arrivals! For a complete list of locations, visit our location page.

August 13, 2019 by Mainstream Boutique


Maggie Holm

Maggie Holm said:

All of it is beautiful. Would love to have all of it. Will have to stop in. ❤️

Kathy Sullivan-Maye

Kathy Sullivan-Maye said:

I’ll be in tomorrow!

Ernesto Rothschild

Ernesto Rothschild said:


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