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Five-Minute Face: Winter Edition


Beauty expert Nicolle MacKinnon explains each step you need to master the five-minute face this winter. Pair this quick and easy makeup regime with your favorite skinny jeans, booties and scarf, and you’re set to go.

Find the right foundation

A perfect foundation for your skin tone is the most essential part of any makeup routine. MacKinnon gives us a brief tutorial on how to determine your undertone - warm, cool or neutral - and skin tone - fair, light, medium or dark.


“A quick way to determine your undertone is to look at your wrists, more specifically your veins,” MacKinnon says. “Find some natural light and take a peek. If your veins look slightly green, you’re warm. If your veins have a blue tint, your undertones are cool. If you can’t quite decide, then you have neutral undertones.”


Once you’ve figured out your undertone, move to your skin tone. Fair means you are quite light and burn easily in the sun. Light means you have a light skin color but tan in the sun. Medium means you tan easily and have beige undertones. And dark means you have dark skin and a dark complexion.


“The goal is to select neutral foundation shades that have only the slightest hint of your skin’s undertone,” says MacKinnon. “You never want your foundation to be too pink or too yellow.”


Test your selected foundation color on your cheek, down to your jawline. If it disappears into your skin, you’ve chosen the right color. If you can see the streak of foundation on your cheek, you’ll want to try a lighter or darker shade to match.

Skip the contouring

Instead, apply a cream-based highlighting product to the tops of your cheekbones and the inner corners of your eyes. This will leave your face looking fresh and glowing, and also gives the appearance of wide-awake eyes.


Find your flush

The goal here is to create a natural, flushed look, like you’ve just pinched your cheeks. Cream-based products are perfect for the winter, because they’ll add some hydration and moisture. Smile softly and tap the blush onto the apples of your cheeks for a soft, rosy appearance.


Use two coats of mascara

Skip eye shadow and liner and reach for mascara. Start by curling your lashes. This is one of the easiest ways to open up your eyes and look more awake. Apply one coat of mascara and wait 30-60 seconds. Then apply the second coat. This creates a foundation for the mascara fibers.

Apply a tinted lip balm

Nothing is worse than cracked lips in the winter. This multipurpose product provides moisture and protection against the cold winter winds that can dry out your lips. Bonus: it adds a hint of color while still looking natural.


SPF is always important

If you have five seconds, rather than minutes, just apply a moisturizer with sunscreen. You’ve heard that sunscreen is the most important skin-care step to ward off aging. You’re right. Even on gray days, damaging elements can still affect your skin. For protection plus coverage, try a tinted moisturizer that has an SPF. This will even out you skin tone while still providing protection from the sun’s harmful rays.



To discover more tips and tricks on mastering your makeup and beauty this winter, follow Nicole Mackinnon on Instagram.

December 27, 2016 by Mainstream Boutique


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