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From My Lunchbox to Yours

Spreading love one post-it note at a time. 


Bullies, rumors, cliques . . . sound familiar? The taunts of bullies echo through classrooms and school lunchrooms every day. One out of every five kids says they’ve been bullied. Bullying affects kids ability to reach their full potential in school and can leave adults with serious issues like anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

When the epidemic of bullying finally came to light in 2011, it hit close to home because I know how those kids feel…and I knew I had to do something to help. That’s when God put into my heart the dream of writing a book about my experience, so I took a leap of faith and shared my story.

I had an idyllic childhood, growing up on a farm in the rolling hills of western Wisconsin, the only child of loving and devoted parents who are the most wonderful people I know. Growing up, my favorite part of the school day was finding a handwritten post-it note from my mom, Cheri, inside my lunchbox. These notes created a foundation for my life and gave me the strength to stay true to myself, overcome the bullies, and thrive. It was these notes that inspired my books, Lessons from My Lunchbox and Lessons for Their Lunchbox, with the intention of helping and encouraging others to bloom through life’s bullystorms like I did. 


It’s incredible to see organizations like PACER and Kind Campaign bringing awareness around bullying prevention. Thanks to attention from major corporations and partnerships from the National Teachers Association and National Education Association, schools are educating children today on what bullying looks like and how to stop it. Bringing this conversation home is just as important. 

Lunchbox notes took on a whole new meaning this year for me. In February, my Mom was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She is my best friend and is fighting with so much grace and strength. So, in a season where she needs encouragement more than ever, I’ve written her "lunchbox" notes every day to encourage her just as she encouraged me.

My mom and I have long dreamed of making it easier for the lunch-packers of the world to light up a child’s day. This year, I have been reminded that there’s no gift like the present. Together, my Mom and I have written 180 lunchbox notes perforated and ready to add a little love next to that PB&J. My Mom and I hope that the notes we’ve written, along with our favorite scripture verses, will uplift you, inspire you, and encourage you and your loved ones to bloom through life's challenges and live every day with gratitude. 

Words have the power to build others up or tear them down. Let’s choose to build each other up! On Unity Day, encourage your kids to invite someone to sit with them at the lunch table, stand up for someone, or write a post-it note of encouragement to one of their classmates. Together, we can put an end to bullying at any age.

With love from my lunchbox to yours,


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October 16, 2017 by Mainstream Boutique

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