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Why Denim is Better Than Ever


Since April, George Brescia has been hosting styling events at Mainstream Boutiques across the country, offering customers to their own celebrity stylist during individual styling sessions. He has created hundreds of new members of the most beautiful fan club – everyday women who learned how to illuminate their beauty with a few tips from George. During Denim Days, we sat down with George to ask how to make the most of the most frequently worn item of clothing in our closets.





What are some of the favorite denim trends you are seeing in Mainstream Boutique stores?
I’m seeing amazing takes on hems like stair step, deconstructed and frayed, a nice selection of washes and fabric weights, plus stretch and sculpting that makes denim amazingly flattering and comfortable.


What sets our denim apart from other retailers?

I love the selection of denim at Mainstream– from skirts, to dresses to jackets and bottoms. It’s easy to find a great variety of the best denim available in silhouettes that work for women of every size and style preference.


How do you feel Mainstream denim accommodates women of different sizes?
You have a style for every shape, from tall to petite, curvy to slender so every woman can look amazing and feel confident. A great pair of jeans is a beautiful thing.


Why is finding the right denim so important? 
I’ll tell you a secret: Jeans are universal for almost every woman…it’s also universally one of the most intimidating clothing items to buy. So that’s where I start when I style a woman. I choose a light wash, a dark wash, in the right size because no one needs to wear a baggy pair of jeans, and then I select beautiful tops to go with them. Good denim can accommodate all aspects of a woman’s life.


Tell us: Are we supposed to cuff our denim or not? 
The main goal is to elongate the leg. A nice high heel can make all the difference and help a cuff work for you while keeping that leg nice and long.


Give us some tips to dress up denim for casual Friday at work or date night. 
Denim is back and trending in a big way right now. The darker the wash, the dressier the denim. Black denim with high heels, a silk top and a blazer will deliver credibility in the office and work in any restaurant in town.


I love my skinny jeans. Is tucking into a high boot my only winter style option? 
Skinny jeans are so versatile! They can work with flat sandals or a great heel in the summer, high booties or tall boots in the fall and winter.

Style expert George Brescia, author of the book Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life, has helped everyone from Broadway actresses to hipster farmers look amazing and feel more confident simply by changing what they wear. His book explores the direct connection between what you wear and how you feel. “I believe in illuminating each person’s beauty.”

George does regular red carpet commentary and fashion and trend reporting for CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX. His early career included 25 years working with top names in fashion, from Ralph Lauren to Donna Karan and Tommy Hilfiger. We are delighted to partner with him for styling events in Mainstream Boutique stores across the country, where he shares his insights to strengthen, empower and celebrate women.

September 14, 2018 by Mainstream Boutique


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