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Sisterly Love: A Kansas Sister Gives Hats for Hope


Having a sister means always having a friend. Carol Culkin proves this to be true with her unwavering support and love for her own sister, Pam Adornato during her battle with breast cancer. Carol's mission, along with our sister boutiques across the country, is to spread encouragement to those affected. 


The women being treated at Shawnee Mission Health Cancer Center just outside Kansas City may not have known Pam Adornato. They may have never seen her infectious smile, heard her bubbly laugh or felt her warm hugs. But, they do have something in common. They are all fighters.


Despite being diagnosed with breast cancer, Pam would jump in her convertible with the top down for a trip out of town. Every year, she would absorb the stunning beauty of Maine to the beaming sunshine of Mexico. Pam did not let her cancer discourage her from living her life to the fullest.


For eight long years, she fought. She tested new medications, sought innovative treatment, and experienced exciting breakthroughs.


“Each day that she survived, she won the battle,” says her sister-in-law Carol Culkin. “She never dwelled on her diagnosis.”



Carol, owner of our Olathe and Overland Park boutiques in Kansas, placed an order for her stores last winter. At the last second, she decided to add a pink beanie hat to her order to send to her sister, Pam.


“That became her go-to hat,” Carol says. “It was snug and warm and comfortable. In every picture I’d see, she’d be wearing her beautiful smile and that pink hat.”


Unfortunately, Pam lost her battle with cancer this fall.


“I miss her smile,” Carol says. “And I wanted to honor her in a special way.”



When Carol did her fall ordering this year, she added two dozen pink beanies. Packaged in pink tissue paper and placed in Mainstream bags, she brought them to the same center where Pam fought so hard to beat her disease.


“I don’t want any recognition,” Carol says. “I just want Pam’s smile to brighten another woman’s day.”


Carol and Pam’s story is just one of many examples of support shared by our boutiques throughout the month of October. We have all been affected by this terrible affliction, which makes all of the support we have seen for this cause incredibly special. We appreciate your support in raising awareness for Breast Cancer this month as we remember those we've lost this past year. 


October 29, 2016 by Mainstream Boutique

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