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Let's Talk Layering


It’s here! We are so excited to release our newest styles in the Mac & Me jewelry collection. This collection was designed by Mac with you in mind! To give you a look the behind-the-scenes, we sat down with Mac to talk about the design of this new collection.




What inspired this collection?

First; what inspires EVERY collection - which is LOVE! Second, we are just really loving the whole layered look, and wanted to do it in a timeless, high quality way. I will be keeping these pieces forever, that’s for sure! 


Tell us about your design process.

 It starts with a vision! Then, I sketch it out on paper before going through the sample process and the narrowing down process... and we come out with pieces that we are confident our women will love! 


Give us one piece of advice for styling jewelry.

Be YOU. Wear jewelry that makes you happy! And don’t be afraid to be matchy matchy! Nothing elevates a look or makes it more cohesive than when everything is pulled together with pieces that match each other and your outfit. 


How do you want your customer to feel wearing the collection?

One word: LOVED!


Do you have a favorite in the collection?

No - it’s too hard to pick just one! I love that we have every charm in every length. You can wear the same layers each day, or you can mix and match. I also love the Y-necklace... this has become our signature style and it is SO timeless! It elevates any look, and is still perfectly displayed whether you’re wearing a basic T or layering with a jacket. Even our 14” layering necklace without the charm on it speaks volumes. To me, it’s like a tank top. You put it on and then keep building your outfit (or necklace set) on top of it! On it’s own it’s super simple, but when layered it makes the look complete. This is my favorite jewelry collection yet, and it’s here to stay!





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June 20, 2019 by Mainstream Boutique



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