Pursuing Her Legend:

A Conversation with Alchemy Co-Founder & CMO, Andrea Jones

Our shopping date with Alchemy co-founder, CMO, and coach, Andrea Jones, started out with a bang in the form of a mustard-colored romper. On the mannequin at Mainstream Boutique of Mendota Heights (celebrating their 5-year anniversary this weekend) it looked cute, but it wasn’t  until Andrea drew back the dressing room curtain, we were completely dazzled. This pattern continued for the remainder of our time. Skinny jeans, a fur-lined vest, even a basic white t-shirt, she totally rocked it.



It wasn’t until a few days later, however, when we stepped foot inside the Alchemy studio in the North Loop neighborhood in Minneapolis to try a group fitness class that we realized she’s already wearing her perfect outfit: her Alchemy-branded tank with the words Strong Mama emboldened across the front paired with black running leggings.


Andrea, and the Alchemy coaching staff, start each class by stopping then lead their athletes in a series of three breaths.

“I try to keep it as simple as possible,” says Jones. “One breath for yourself, one for gratitude that we’re here in this space together and one for the challenge we’re about to face together.”

And with that, class begins. A hybrid of yoga, strength and cardiovascular training, this is group fitness transformed. Each aspect of Alchemy has been specifically engineered to inspire athletes beyond the four walls of the studio space. This is evidenced by their four, non-traditional core values.

The answer is yes. What is the question?

“Instead of thinking why we can’t do something, we figure out how to make it happen,” Andrea explains. “I mean, how awesome is it to say yes vs no?!”

This is awesome.

“We wake up at 4 a.m. to get to the gym for the first class and sometimes we’re there until 9 p.m. at night,” she says. “We choose to bring energy and excitement to our everyday lives. We choose to feel a sense of gratitude.”

Be a pro.

This one’s easy. Show up. Be ready for anything.

Pursue your legend.

When Andrea picked up The Alchemist in 2003 while working as an intelligence analyst, she had no idea that years later, that book would influence her life and work. Just as Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy, learns in the book about the importance of listening to his heart and following his dreams, Andrea and her team have incorporated his journey into their own.

“It doesn’t have to be some big earth-shattering goal,” Andrea says of pursuing your legend. “It can be in your daily life, by finding ways to stay true to yourself.”

We asked Andrea how she stays true to herself...how she pursues her own legend. Married with three small children, that can’t be easy.

Without missing a beat, she jumps in to share her journey.


Hitting the pavement

A runner for years, she continues to rack up the mileage, but more intentionally now. She developed ARun, a community running program that meets three times a week to run together.

“We don’t listen to music,” she says. “Sometimes we talk, but mostly just hearing the footfalls of someone next to you is comforting. You know you’ll get through this together.”

Sipping a Brasa Breeze

She laughs as she explains a Brasa Breeze. Brasa, one of her family’s favorite spots is known for this wine spritzer. She laughs, “I need balance, right?”

Being part of an A-team

“When I walk away from a long day, I leave feeling genuinely fulfilled,” Andrea says.

We end our conversation chatting about the beginning of her career. We asked if she envisioned this path for her life. What started as a hobby of personal training has morphed into three successful CrossFit gyms, two Alchemy studios, a successful team and community of likeminded athletes.

“There have been plans, yes,” she explains. “But when you start following the things you want to do, the things you’re passionate about, more opportunities become available because you’re doing them with passion. You’re lit and ignited.”

As the sun begins to rise, Andrea closes the 50-minute class with the Alchemy athletes drenched in sweat, she again returns to those three breaths and with four simple words, she readies the room to take on the day: “Know that you’re enough.”

We leave the studio and step into the crisp fall morning ready for the day, we feel different somehow. Is it a sense of peace? Maybe. Confidence? That too. Maybe it’s just that we ready to pursue our own legend after watching someone else pursue theirs.



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September 09, 2016 by Mainstream Boutique

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