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Refreshment Delivered: The Watermelon Cocktail

Sip into nostalgia with this refreshing watermelon drink while making the most of the last summer days of 2017.

Nothing brings back summer memories quite like a bite of a crisp, cool watermelon slice. Who doesn’t get catapulted back to their childhood backyard, surrounded by the smell of Dad’s BBQ and the noise of kids playing in the neighborhood? No cell phones meant no disruptions, we put our favorite CD's (remember those?) on replay and spent hours disconnected from reality.



But these days, balancing that 10-page to-do list with work, romance, motherhood, and friends is tough. We’re more likely to sneak a bite of this iconic summer melon in our work break room or off the plate of one of our kiddos than outside, with bare feet in the grass. 


In the spirit of savoring this last month of summer sun, we’re bringing back those childhood summer memories by whipping up this yummy watermelon beverage. So stop by the store, grab a fresh watermelon (no judgment if it’s pre sliced) and then sit back, close your eyes and sip in the sweetness while we make the last memories of Summer 2017.




3 cups cubed seedless watermelon, well chilled

1 1/2 fresh limes, juiced

1/4 cup rum (optional)

Simple syrup or agave nectar, or your favorite sweetener, to taste

Fresh mint sprigs for garnish

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Total Time: 10 Minutes

Servings: 2 servings


Put watermelon chunks and lime juice into a blender. Process on high until smooth. Add sweetener to taste, if needed, and blend again. Pour drink into two glasses over ice. Garnish with fresh mint and enjoy! 


August 08, 2017 by Mainstream Boutique

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