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Spring Trend Guide


It’s not often that fall trends carry forward into the next season but this year we’re seeing just that. Perhaps some of the trends took a bit longer to get acquainted with…or maybe they just have so much goodness that they need two full seasons to fully live out their glory. Whatever the reason, we are loving them and excited to share our favorite looks for spring.



Fluttery Sleeves


Look for movement and volume in sleeves this season. A little extra fabric creates a beautiful drape in a long sleeve, a bit of extra movement at the shoulder, or captured at the wrist for a beautiful puffed silhouette.



This trend is about personal touches like patchwork and crochet, fanciful trims like lace, feathers and fringe. A retrospective personal touch to our digitized world.



The return of polka dot print (did we ever really let it get away?) This lighthearted pattern is a much-loved trend that continues to make a fresh appearance this spring.


The Bottom Line.

Hemlines are a perennial topic of conversation when it comes to fashion. This season, we’re throwing our arms wide to embrace a variety of hems…high, mid, maxi and a combination of high hems with longer outer layers. Denim is still getting in on the buzz with more creative takes on hems making an appearance for spring.


Tie Dye & Acid Wash

A nod to the 70’s with an up-to-date silhouette and color palette, tie dye print and acid wash are fun and funky staples for spring and summer.


Suiting with a Non-Traditional Twist

Look for more twists and turns on the classic menswear suiting trend, with elegant and summery short suits, casual chic jackets and menswear striped crops that bring a mix of classy and playful to your wardrobe.



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January 31, 2020 by Mainstream Boutique


Terra Wright

Terra Wright said:

Found your most recent video on Facebook this morning. Loved it! I live in Franklin, and can’t wait to get out and further explore your store!.

Rachel Castle

Rachel Castle said:

I just discovered the newly opened Mainstream Boutique in Cincinnati and I love everything about it! The owner is fantastic, they do awesome live shows, and the clothes are exactly what I love to wear. ❤️





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