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Transitioning your Winter Wardrobe to Spring


As the winter months begin to feel dreary, it can be tough to keep our winter wardrobe feeling refreshed. Marie, Mainstream’s founder, and Mac, our Assistant Buyer, share their tips for transitioning winter wardrobes into the spring.





What’s your go-to outfit this season?

(Both Mac and Me agreed 100% on their go-to outfit. They were even accidentally matching during this Q+A!)

Mac + Marie: Our go-to outfit this season is Mac & Me jeans (always!) with a pointed-toe heeled bootie. We top it off with a fun faux fur jacket over a crisp white tee. It’s fun to play with different necklines too, like a V-neck or a cut-out detail, to keep our outfits feeling new and updated.
How do you keep your wardrobe fresh from season to season?
Marie: A white tee can do wonders to make your outfit fresh. White isn’t what it used to be! You used to only see it just after Easter, but now, white is timeless. There’s no sharp line between the seasons anymore – we’re seeing spring colors earlier. That’s great news because the clothes you have can be worn in really any season.
It’s easy to gravitate towards darker colors when the temps are cooler. How do you incorporate pops of color into your winter wardrobe? 
Mac: If you have a dark denim jacket, try a pop of color underneath. The Pantone Institute color of the year is “living coral” and it’s great because it is a bright, vibrant color that looks good on everybody. The Institute described their colors for the year as empowering, colorful, joyful and uplifting hues. We love that! It’s going to be an epic year!
What’s one item in your closet you reach for year-round?
Marie: Mac & Me jeans! We just went to Florida and I wore the same Mac & Me jeans I’ve been wearing all winter and simply rolled them up. My favorite is a medium wash with a little destruction because it always looks updated no matter what!
Mac: Jean jackets! No matter what season, you can wear a denim jacket anytime. They’re super easy over a dress in the spring, and give the outfit a little edge. In the winter, I’ll wear all black and throw on the denim jacket. I wear them with anything. People actually tell me they’re surprised when I’m not wearing a denim jacket!
Give us one piece of advice for repurposing your favorite piece into spring.
Marie: Take your favorite jeans and make them brand new! By cutting them, fraying them, distressing them or just rolling them, I’ll get an updated look from a pair of jeans that I’ve been getting tired of. It’s fun to do!
What’s in your Mainstream fitting room for spring?
Mac: This spring is all about feminine details, so we’re looking forward to the ruffles and trimmings. It’s not just a plain top anymore. They all have an interesting detail to them, whether that’s an asymmetric hem or a zipper detail.
Marie: I’m excited for statement sneakers! Normally, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a sneaker, but I can’t wait to wear them this spring. This season is going to be really fresh and really fun.
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January 08, 2019 by Mainstream Boutique


Mary Kirkpatrick

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I was in the Mainstream Boutique in Mendota today! Lived the store. I bought my first pair of Mac and Me jeans! Love the fit! I have sooo many problems with finding jeans but I love the feel of these!! I live in Bloomington so will have to also check out stores closer to me. Thank you!

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