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Carrie Buchanan, Bombshell Cupcakes & Cookies | Founder 


It wasn't long after we opened the boutique when we met Carrie for the first time.  Naturally, we got to talking about how much she respected us for opening the business and she had mentioned that she baked "on the side."  Little did we know, that she truly was the queen of the cupcake! You will spot Carrie at many downtown events, the 720 Market, and so much more, but when you do, be sure to try her tasty treats (and take an extra for the road!)
Name and location?
Q. How did you get started? 
A. I started making these big stuffed cupcakes with treats on top of them as gifts for friends who helped me move after I got divorced 5 years ago. Then sometimes my kids would ask me to make them for their friends. About 4 years ago I told a friend I wished I could run off and join the carnival – selling French fries out of a trailer..He said I should just sell those cupcakes I make at a booth like at First Friday. He really encouraged me and then said “You could call it Bombshell Cupcakes and give the cupcakes cute pinup type names”. After that, I signed up for a booth at First Friday, started a Facebook business page and got going..I had no idea how to make frostings or really anything – it was just ideas in my head. Pinterest, Google and YouTube were my teachers. The ideas kept coming and once I had my First Friday booth and sales were great, I thought maybe I could really do this.
Q. What background have you had?
A. Zero baking and cooking! I have always liked to cook for my family from scratch. But I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Kent in Sociology and have been a social worker since 1995. Currently at Stark County Board of DD for the last 10 years. My background is being from a creative, artistic family.
Q. What makes your business different? 
A.  Made to order custom cookies designed especially for my clients needs (anything from business logos, to special event cookies to match party themes, etc), the cupcakes are all jumbo (muffin sized), stuffed and topped with another dessert. I have not seen any other local bakery that does what I do.
Q. Challenges to overcome as a woman in business?
A. Being a divorced parent means I make time for it all – I work full time as a social worker, I have two daughters (thought almost all grown up!) and then I do the home bakery most evenings and weekends – this leaves little time for “myself” – it is hard to fit in day to day tasks like cleaning and laundry when you have 300 cookies to decorate. I like the challenge though and staying organized is key.
Q. Why do I choose to own a small business?
A.  Honestly I think it is in my blood. Aside from the fact that it is a healthy and creative way to spend my free time, small home business is in my family. My grandmother, a Holocaust Survivor, was a master seamstress who ran her dressmaking business from her basement. I loved to go to her house and play with her leftover fabric and dance in front of the huge mirror, while her customers came in and out of the house all day. My father, who worked a day job, also ran a small printing business from the basement of our home. As a kid he would let me come downstairs and help run the press. So, I guess this is what we do in our family. Also, it is a creative outlet for me, that also earns me extra money. With one kid in college and another heading there in the fall, it is a great relief to have that extra income and make people happy at the same time!
Q. Why do you think it is important to shop local?
A.  Love to support other small business owners, help them make a living and support my community. If we do not shop local all we will have left is big chain stores with little variety.
March 26, 2017 by Elizabeth Hilton

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