How many people get to live their passion every day? The idea that I can make a difference in someone else’s life gives me encouragement and strength. The fact that it is multiplied through all of our franchise owners nationwide is impactful. We have the power to make a positive difference in the world, and that is a beautiful thing.

It all began in a small bedroom in my home just after we moved to Minnesota for my husband Nick’s career. Because we had moved before, and I left jobs I loved to support him, I had to figure out a way to use my education, job experience as a buyer in the fashion industry, and my love for women and all things fashion.


Soon the one bedroom moved to a larger bedroom, and then I took over the entire basement! The UPS driver would drop off boxes at the front door and Nick would wave to him from the dinner table. Local media took notice, which spread all the way to the Oprah Winfrey show where I was a guest talking about how I had left the corporate world and built a million dollar business from home.


Women from all over the world who saw me on the show called to ask how they could do what I was doing. That lead to franchising Mainstream Boutique, and we now have boutiques in over 20 states. The number one reason for our success is the love behind everything we do – from our unique products to the women who shop our stores to the dedicated home office and most importantly, our franchise owners. The owners come from all walks of life – teachers, medical, pharmaceutical sales, corporate, and beyond. The thread we look for is their passion and commitment to the people in their communities. We are a neighborhood boutique designed with our customer in mind from offering convenient parking to store layout to customer service.


I am a wife and mother before anything else, so imagine my joy when my oldest son Corey came to Nick and I as he was completing college to  present us with a Power Point on why we should hire him! Today, Corey is our Chief Executive Officer, and he has brought the company to new heights. My son Clay followed in Corey’s footsteps becoming our Director of Franchise Development.


Mikayla (Mac) is my youngest, and lives a life that is inspiring and purposeful. She is an ambassador and regional coordinator for Love Your Melon, an organization supporting kids battling cancer. She is selfless and spends her life helping others. Mikayla is the inspiration for our wildly successful, exclusive Mac and Me Brand, and now works by my side in creating and designing. 


Our story is still being written, and I look forward to what lies ahead in this journey of love.

-Marie DeNicola, Founder