Energy Influencer |

You are a creator of a positive and supportive environment and believe that hard work can be fun.

Team Player |

You understand the importance of team styling while often inspiring and encouraging to team members.

Master Stylist |

You love and embrace all things fashion. You take pride in knowing the fit, fabric, and trends of the season. You share and educates both your team and customers.

Relationship Builder |

You hug your customers (yes, we mean that literally!).

Forward Thinker |

You seek opportunities and ideas for the greater good.

Community Builder |

You believe in a bigger picture and are constantly seeking ways to make an impact in the local community while living your mission and values.

Collaborator |

You love and embrace collaboration to develop initiatives around bold new ideas for success and growth.


If you are interested in applying to work at one of our boutiques, please visit our Locations page and send an email to the contact listed for the location that interests you. If you are interested in a position at our Home Office in Minneapolis Minnesota, please apply below.